Christoph Korn 2017

Production: Suedwestrundfunk, 2017

Editor and Dramaturgy: Manfred Hess

With the generous support of Margol F. Guttman, Director of the International Cultural and Artists' Exchange, Ein Hod, Israel and Ms Karin Rauers, Kulturamt Düsseldorf.

Voices and special thanks: audio piece 1: Lovena Boerschmann/Ala' Ereiqat. audio piece 2: Gill Bushinsky/Pater Nikodemus Schnabel. audio piece 3: Ronen Hazoum/Editte Galli Heyne. audio piece 4: Karima Ann Alloush/Anouk Boerschmann. audio piece 5: Gabriela Boerschmann/Shadi Dweik. audio piece 6: Avraham Eilat/Aseel Abu Hasan. audio piece 7: Ahmad Mawasy/Hiba Iseed. audio piece 8: Yuval Weintraub/Doron Jodan. audio piece 9: Ayman Jamous/Tali Gil. audio piece 10: Nabhan Mawasy/Ahmad Salous. audio piece 11: Naseer Shalash/Azhar Abu Zayyad. audio piece 12: Zwi Lazar/Christoph Korn

Photos, Israel: Anne Wissmann

Sound engineering, SWR: Andrea Walz

The work has been made possible by the Israel work scholarship from the city of Düsseldorf and Ein Hod, Israel.

With the kind support of the Goethe Institut Tel Aviv and Goethe Institut Ramallah

Kairos was realized in December 2016 as a space-based sound installation at the Janco Dada Museum, Israel and acquired by the Janco Dada Museum for its international collection. My special thanks goes to the director of the Janco Dada Museum, Ms Raya Zommer-Tal.